List of Fics


The First Mask P5, Rated G, Akira & Arsene AO3
Akira chats with Arsene the night of his awakening.
Akechi stole my cat? P5,Akechi, Akira, Morgana, crack treated seriously, akechi goes to shujin, p5 spoilers AO3
Au where Akechi goes to Shujin and sits behind Akira. He tries to steal Morgana. I wrote this before the engine room scene.


Ha Ha Ha XC1, Collectopedia, Dunban POV,
the gang experiences the Ha Ha Ha
Riki seemed to enjoy naming this. It's some kind of furry white creature.
Blue Chain XC1, Dickson and Shulk, Collectopedia, Shulk POV AO3
Some kind of machine part or other. Looks old but should be usable
Need No Past XC1, T, Zanza focused, Major spoilers, AU AO3
Memories are a fickle thing.
In his desperation for ether, Zanza makes a hasty mistake.
A single flickering soul XC1, Dickson and Shulk, Spoilers, Dickson POV AO3
Deep in Valak Mountain, a lone survivor is found within Ose Tower. (Part of a series, but could kind of work on its own.)

Fire Emblem

Nights Like This FEH, Alfonse/Bruno/Kiran, just some fluff, AO3
Sometimes, on nights like this, Zacharias feels like he belongs.
Alfonse Knows All About Sweeping FEH, Alfonse and Kiran, shipping if you squint, AO3
This was a joke fic I wrote after a funny FEH channel